How to Set Any Song as iPhone Ringtone

Some people might be not familiar with the functionalities and different settings in iPhone.  In an iPhone, there are lots of option and features which take time to get familiar with. Everybody loves to set his favorite track as ringtone and in all smartphone, there is an option to set it. But those who are new users of iPhone might have no idea how to set any song as iPhone ringtone.

Yes, you can set ringtone on iPhone and for that, you need to use iTunes. With the help of iTunes, you can make your favorite track or music files into ringtone clip. This matter might be simple but it is necessary. With a ringtone, you can identify who is calling you. Setting a ringtone specific to users is not a great task but the process has slightly changed with the launch of latest version of iTunes Apple has removed the settings of ringtone in this version so this question arises. Today, I am going to deliver the detail steps to set ringtone in iPhone.

How to set ringtone in iPhone?

iPhone those are running on iOS 10 and on the earlier version of iTunes, a ringtone can be easily changed or added. But there is some complexity in the latest iOS and iTunes. So below I am going to list out all the steps to set any song as iPhone ringtone.

  • At first, open iTunes on your MAC system and choose a track that you need to set as ringtone.
  • Now right click on the song and go to its menu Options. On this menu click on Get Info.
  • In this tab, you will have Start and Stop options using which you can cut a part of your song as per your choice.


  • Listen to the song and chose the starting time and ending time to make ringtone clip of this song. After that, you need to set it.
  • In this section, you have to select the type of the media by clicking on the combo box long with label media kind. As you are looking to set a music track as a ringtone so you need to select here Music.
  • Now you need to enter the start and stop interval of the part of the music that you have decided earlier to make ringtone clip.Here you can adjust other settings like volume and equalizer.
  • Finally, press the OK button to save all your settings.
  • This section is different from the different version of iOS. Those who are using the earlier version of the iOS need to right click again on the track and select AAC version. After you have clicked on it iTunes will convert the song to ringtone. But those are running on the recent version of iOS the procedure is different.

  • Right click on the track and go to the File Menu. On the file menu, you need to click on Convert and then to ACC version (Right click> File Menu> Convert> ACC Version).After you have created the ACC version of the sing, the duplicate file will get automatically saved on the iTunes.
  • Now again on the iTunes right click on the clip and select the option Show in Finder. Then you need to right-click on the clip and select the option Get Info.In this section under Get Info you will get an option named Name and Extension. Here you need to change the extension of the file, normally it will be in .m4a but you need to change it to .m4r.
  • Now click on Save and copy the song to your desktop.

Now you have to synchronize the ringtone to your phone by following this navigation path(Tones> Sync Tones> Selected Tones). Then go to your mobile Settings and click on Sounds and finally to Ringtone.

Steps might seem to be complicated but once you will start following the above steps. Every time you need to create ringtone repeat the whole steps.Steps to set any song as iPhone ringtone is different with respect to iOS and iTunes version. So, here I have listed all possible steps for both older and recent version.