How to Reset iPhone or iPad Factory Settings

For many reasons, you may want to reset iPhone factory settings. Just in case you are thinking of selling your iOS device or simply need to get done some repairing, you will have to factory reset before handing over the device to someone else’s hand. Factory reset is usually done to keep your personal data as such photos, videos, email logins, and financial credentials saved on your phone out of someone else’s reach. Sometimes, factory reset is done to get rid of unusual legging on handy devices. Now, that if you want to know how to reset iPhone and iPad factory settings, here is what you need to know.

How to Reset iPhone or iPad Factory Settings

Reset iPhone or iPad Factory Settings

To reset factory settings of your iPhone or iPad is necessary before you sell or keep your device for repair. The task will remove all the sensitive data from your device you have been storing over the time of usage. iOS factory reset can be done easily and for that, you will have to provide Apple ID and Passcode.

It is also be mentioned that before you perform the factory reset on your iPhone or iPad, you should backup the important data to any other device of yours.

Now, before performing the factory reset, make your iPhone or iPad ready for it.

Prepare Your Device for Factory Reset – Cloud Back Up

First of all, make sure that you have latest iTunes version installed on your PC or Mac. You can also reset your device without the help of PC or Mac. Now, whether you are selling the old device and moving to a new iOS device or simply need to repair it, you should keep all the data backed up on the Cloud Storage before restoring factory setting.

How to Backup iOS Devices:

For cloud backup of iOS, you have two options, one is iCloud and other is iTunes. As you are going to upload a lot of data to the cloud, make sure of using a WiFi connection for an uninterrupted process.

Backup Using iCloud –

  • Go to your iPhone device Settings.
  • Enter your name and tap on the iCloud.
  • Next, select iCloud Backup to enable it.
  • Finally, hit the “Back Up Now” button and keep your device connected to the internet.

Backup Using iTunes –

  • Open iTunes on your device and connect the device to PC or Mac.
  • Provide your Passcode if prompted and follow the stems on screen.
  • Select your device type (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) in iTunes.
  • Click on the “Back Up Now” button.

When you are done with backing up your iOS, you may now start to reset factory settings.

Reset iOS Factory Settings Without Computer

  • Step 1: Go to device Settings and then tap on General option.
  • Step 2: Select and tap “Reset” option. From here, select “Erase All Content and Settings.”

  • Step 3: When prompted, provide your Passcode followed by Apple and Password.

  • Step 4: Confirm to erase the data from the iOS device and wait until the data are erased.

You can also reset factory on your iOS device easily using a Computer and iTunes. So, that’s how you reset iPhone or iPad Factory Settings. When this task is successfully done, your iOS device will be restored with the latest iOS version or iPod software whilst all the existing data will be wiped out.