How to Unlock iCloud Account of Your iPhone and iPad?

There might be many reasons that need to unlock iCloud account of your iPhone or iPad. You might have forgotten the password or it might be possible that you have bought iPhone or iPad from another user. It might be not possible for you to reach that user for this password that blocking you in access to the iCloud. You might be thinking that you have to visit Apple service center to unlock it. But here in this post you will know the ways and realize how simple is it to unlock the iCloud account.

When unlocking is essential, you have different ways to do this task. Mainly it depends on the iOS version, backups to name a few. But today irrespective of your issues and version of iOS  I am sharing complete details with you all how to unlock iCloud account easily.

Methods to unlock iCloud account

Methods to unlock totally depend on the iOS version. So if some steps, not works then it is totally for iOS version. Tr every method and I am sure you will get access again to your iCloud account.

Take help from Siri

You can use Siri and tell her to open such app that is not installed on your iPhone.  If Siri is unable to find the app that you have requested to open, it will reply you saying that app is not present on your device and offers you to open App store. Now you need to click on the App Store icon to open it. When you have clicked a new restricted window will open in the browser. From that window, you need to select between two options – Update and open the last app or click Home button to get slide preview. Once you have selected any of the two options you might have got access again to iCloud account.

Through official support

Apple provides free support to their user to unlock the iCloud account. But this feature is free for some countries and others need to pay for that. Using this official support you can easily unlock your account. This unlocking tool will remove previous login details and provide you a free access to iCloud. Using this official support you can unlock iCloud account of any Apple handset running on any version of iOS. But to have free access to iCloud through Apple official unlock service you need to follow the below steps.

  • First of all click on the link to visit the official page of iCloud unlock.

  • A page will open where you need to provide your device details as Model and IMEI number.
  • Now you have to click on Add to cart and then you have pay for it. But for users, those who belong to free zone need not pay for that.
  • You need to wait for a confirmation message. After you will receive that message you can log in to iCloud using new username and password.

Restoration after backup

The easiest way to unlock the iCloud account is device restoration. But as we all know that restoring a device will completely erase everything. SO you need to keep a backup of your apps, message or anything else. So you have to create a backup and for that, you need to connect your device to a PC or laptop. You can do this task synchronizing with the help of iTunes, iCloud and normal recovery mode.

You might not use iCloud or iTunes for backup. In this case, you need to restore it manually. But before using Apple recovery mode remember one thing- it will erase everything. Follow the below steps.

  • Connect your device to a PC or Laptop.
  • After connection, you need to restart your device by pressing together Sleep and Home button.  You need to hold your fingers to these buttons until you the logo of the Apple appears on the screen.
  • On that screen, you will have two options Update and Restore. Click on Restore and wait for sometime.
  • After restoration completed successfully you can easily set a new password for the iCloud account.

There are many other steps to unlock the iCloud account, one of those is by Jailbreaking your device. But the steps to Unlock iCloud Account of iPhone and iPad which I have shared above are simple and easy. Maximum users those who facing this issue follow these above-mentioned steps. All the steps are reliable and following any, you can have access to the iCloud account. But again I am saying if you have chosen restoration then backup your data to iTunes or iCloud.