How to Reset Your Apple ID Password

Apple ID is a very important aspect of Apple devices. Those who are Apple users need to enter their ID to access iTunes, iCloud and others. As everybody possesses different types of online account so there is a possibility to forget some username or passwords.  This might happen with your Apple ID, if so then there is a way to reset Apple ID password. Sometimes setting a long complicated password for any account lead to this problem. So it is better to save details of all login username and password on your device. You need to remain cool as it is a normal thing that you have forgotten your Apple ID.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get back your Apple ID password to your mail or through a message. What you have to do is reset your Apple login credentials. You might be thinking it is completed to reset Apple ID but here I am sharing the support to reset your Apple ID password in details.

How to Reset Apple ID Password

As I have said above that you never can get the password that you have forgotten due to account security. So you have to reset your login credentials to set a new Apple password. Below are the different methods to reset Apple ID Password.

Method 1

  • Open your browser and click on this link Then you need to click on the option Forgot Password.
  • A new page will open where you need to enter your registered email ID and your Apple ID. If you have forgotten your email too then you need to go to Settings and then to iTunes where you will get your Apple ID.
  • Apple will verify whether you are a robot or a human. So you need to go through some captcha text to verify yourself.

As you all know that during registering on Apple device for security you can adopt different verification technique one of those is two-step verification. If you have activated this method you will receive details about reset password on another device associated with your account. If not, then simply by answering some security question you can have the details.

Method 2

When you are setting a new Apple account then you might ask to choose questions with answers for security reason. This is because if in any case, you don’t get access to your Apple account then by giving the same answer to your question you can have the access again. Check the below steps.

  • It is good to choose the question that asks for your birth date. Provide your birth date.
  • After that two new question will appear which you need to give the same answer as before.
  • If all your answers matched with the database then you will get access to the password reset page of Apple.
  • Now enter your new password with prober combination uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special character. On the bottom of the page, you will get the requirements and process to make your password strong. After you have done with it click Ok or Save.

Method 3

You can also reset Apple ID password by email.  If you don’t remember the security answer and question then this method is good. A link will be sent to another email address that is associated with your Apple account. Check below all the steps you need to perform.

  • Visit this site and provide your email and press continue.
  • A reset link will send to your substitute account. Sogo to your browser and open your email account. Click on that link and reset Apple ID password.

Last Method–Not recommended

If you have set a two-stage verification system during opening an Apple account then you need to follow the below process.

  • Visit and click on Forgot password.
  • Then you have to enter the registered mobile number for security. After that, you can reset the password from other devices.

These are the methods which you need to follow if you have forgotten your password. Due to many reasons, you have forgotten your Apple ID password. If it happens to you don’t need to be panic as I have stated above different methods to reset Apple ID password. Follow the above steps and get your access again.