How to Print Screen on Mac – Full Page & Selected Portions

Capturing a screen which is commonly known as Screenshot among Smartphone users is what they call ‘Print Screen’ on typical Windows environment. There is even a dedicated key on Windows computers to perform Print Screen. If you are a Mac user, you might have noticed that there is no dedicated key for Print Screen on Mac devices. So, a question may arise, how to Print Screen on Mac?

For most of the new Mac users and those who are unaware of the method to take Print Screen on Mac might have underestimated Apple. While Windows lets you perform the action to take Print Screen of the entire window using just a single key, Mac lets you taking Print Screen with a collaboration of several keys at the same time.

Which means you have to press two or more keys at once to take a Print Screen on Mac. This may sound old-school compared to Windows but Mac brings a smarter option.

On Windows, you press a single key for the entire window screen capture. On the other hand, Mac combines several keys to take Print Screen of various portion of the screen. You may capture a full screen or simply take a specific portion captured as you prefer.

Sounds good? There are more to know about Print Screen on Mac.

Let’s dive into this quick guide on ‘How to take Print Screen on mac?’

How to Print Screen on Mac

To Print Screen on Mac is much smarter than that is in Windows. It’s also worth mentioning that when you take a screen capture, you have to again paste it into Paint tool and finally save it. On Mac, as you are getting several options of choosing a screen aspect before saving as a screenshot, you can save the taken Print Screen in various place as well. One is to the desktop and the other is to the clipboard on Mac.

Save Print Screen to the Desktop of Mac OS X:

  • Command + Shift + 3: This action will take the full screen captured and then save it as an image on the desktop of Mac.

  • Command + Shift + 4: You can choose a particular area of the screen using selection box and then save it to your Mac desktop as an image file.
  • Command + Shift + 4 > Spacebar > Click on Window: If multiple windows are opened and you wish to take Print Screen of a certain window, press the three keys altogether, and then press Spacebar followed by click the window you want to capture as an image file.

Save Print Screen to the Clipboard:

  • Command + Control + Shift + 3: Pressing these keys at the same time will take the Print Screen of the entire display and then save it to the Clipboard. From the clipboard, you can paste the Print Screen somewhere else.

  • Command + Control + Shift + 4: Press these keys together and a rectangular drawing box will show up which can be used to select screen area before you take Print Screen. When it is taken, Print Screen will be saved to Clipboard.
  • Command + Control + Shift > Spacebar > Click on the window: Hit the Spacebar and then click on Window after pressing mentioned keys altogether. This action will take Print Screen of the specific window and then save it to the Clipboard.

There might be no dedicated key like one on Windows if you search on Mac for taking Print Screen. But, if you remember the key combinations as mentioned in the above methods, Mac OS X ecosystem may make sense to you even better.