How to Change or Delete iCloud Account on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Sometimes you need to swipe your iCloud account to change or to delete it. There might be various reason depends on which you feel the need to change or delete iCloud account. People might possess different iCloud account and they change to a different account as per their requirements. But I have noticed that due to some problems like synchronizing with cloud account people are willing to change their iCloud account to a new one.

delete icloud account

Changing or delete iCloud is very easy and simple process. You need to go through some simple steps to change or to delete your iCloud account. Changing an iCloud account is not a process that you have to concern about. Storing data on iCloud is safe and secure and all your data will remain as it is still after you have migrated to another iCloud account.

Note: Without understanding the complication of changing or removing an iCloud account never change or remove it. Another thing you need to do is data backup. Though iCloud is advanced and secure still it is a good idea to take backup of your’s valuable files.

Backup Your Data Before Removing iCloud Account

As I have said above it is good to take a backup of all your data in iCloud. You can do a backup from the iCloud but the inbuilt process is not easy and quick. So there needs a tool using which you can backup iCloud data easily. If you have created a backup in iTunes then you won’t be able to read those data on PC as there is an issue of format and compatibility. So I  have an option to make the whole task easy and quick. You have to use Dr. Fone backup application if you need to keep all your backup data directly to your PC.

But still, as you are all here to know about the step to delete the iCloud account on iPhone, iPod, iPad so I have come here with all detail information regarding it.

Change or delete iCloud account on iPhone- Steps

Below  I am going to enlist the steps to remove existing iCloud account form your iOS device. So scroll down to the end of this content.

  • First of all open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod and go to the iCloud.
  • On click on the settings app, you will get many settings option from where you need to select Delete Account.
  • Here you need to confirm your removal of the iCloud account by clicking on the Signout or on the Delete option.

On deleting or sign out from the iCloud all the data in the cloud remain safe only the login document will change. Once you have deleted the iCloud account, you won’t be able to use it further. So you need to log in again using Apple ID or by a new iCloud account. Now I am going to share step in details to sign to iCloud account with a different account.

Change iCloud account

  • First of all, follow the above-mentioned steps to remove or to delete the iCloud account on iPhone or other devices.
  • Now in the iCloud interface click on the Sign In option and then enter the login credentials.

How to disable iCloud account on MAC PC

Above I have listed all about deleting an iCloud account on iPhone but those who are using MAC PC they need to follow the steps enlisted below.

  • Go to the Apple icon and click on it. After you have clicked a context menu will appear from where you have to select System Preferences.
  • On this window, you have to click on the Mail & Calendar option. On click, a new page will open. In the left side of the window, you will get an option iCloud. Click on this option.
  • A new page will open and on the right side, there will be many options with a checkbox. Click on the checkbox to disable the iCloud account on MAC.

Steps are simple and easy, you need to go through all the steps that I have enlisted above. Following all the steps you can easily change or delete the iCloud account on iPhone iPad iPod. If you changed or delete iCloud account then every type of data synchronization will stop. If you are facing any trouble or problem to delete the iCloud account on the iOS device then drop your problem in the below comment section.