How to Convert and Save Pages Files as Word Docs on Mac

It’s a fact that Microsoft’s Word Doc format has dominated many educational and corporate sectors as Windows device has been used widely. For the purpose Word doc. is used in Windows, Mac users use Pages for the same. As of today, the number of Mac users is growing rapidly. And, the demand for cross-platform compatibility and readability is very high today. That’s why in many cases, we need to convert and save Pages files as Microsoft Word Doc. on Mac computer so that we can share that file with Windows users.

Good thing is that Pages App for iOS lets the users export files to various format easily. It has quite a soft user-interface and if you seek to save Pages files to MS Word.Doc format on iOS, no hassle is faced.

On Mac computer, the process of saving Word.doc files from Pages is also quite convenient. Although, the process is slightly different in new Pages Software version compared to ancient one.

How to Convert and Save Pages Files as Word Docs on Mac – Latest Process

We will share the process of saving Pages files in Word.doc format using the latest version of Pages tool. The old version of Pages follows a slightly different process, however, in most of the aspects it has the same walkthrough. So, even if you have the older version of Pages tool and following this guidance, every instruction will make sense to you.

Convert and Save Pages Files as Word

If you have recently switched to the Mac OS X ecosystem, one or other day, you will need to learn how to save Pages files as Microsoft Word Document format because many of your known people might be using Windows computer.

Now, we are suggesting you use the latest version of Pages application on your Mac as it comes with improved features and more capabilities than the older ones. The latest version has more capability of saving Pages files in word.docx format especially.

Step By Step Method to Convert or Save Pages to MS Word:

The process of converting files from Pages app to MS Words takes the same way as saving. So, whether you wish to convert an existing Pages file to MS Word or simply saving a new file, it all takes the same amount of effort in the same way. Here is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Launch your Pages app on Mac and draft the file you wish to save a new Pages file as MS Word Document. Or, if you wish to convert Pages files from existing one to MS Words format, you can simply open the particular Pages file.
  • Step 2: Open the Pages file that you wish to convert or save in MS Word format.
  • Step 3: Now click on the “File” menu and then select “Export To” followed by “Word…” option from its submenu.

  • Step 4: On the next window, click on the “Advanced Options” button.

[ From this point, you will be provided various format options to convert or save your Pages files. The latest added available output format is .docx and is set by default. However, older version of Windows computer won’t be working properly with .docx format and there are still many computers running on old version of Windows. So, we suggest you use .doc format that will run smoothly on all Windows versions. ]

  • Step 5: Select .doc as your output format from Pages file.
  • Step 6: Now, hit the “Next” button and choose a file location where you wish to keep the Word.doc or .docx file after converting or saving.
  • Step 7: Click the final button as “Export” to save your file or completely convert the Pages file to MS Word.

Once your Pages file is saved as .doc or .docx format, you can still open it on your Mac computer and edit as required using Pages application. On the other hand, if you share this formatted file to any Windows computer, it will be easily readable and edited as needed. This method is necessary because Pages files are not compatible with Windows ecosystem and you cannot open or read the Pages files on Windows until you convert it.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to Convert and Save Pages Files as Word Docs.