How to Change Profile Picture of a Mac User Account

There are many who are using Apple devices especially the MAC devices. The device is high in performance and their built-in quality is just too awesome. Now those who are in use of mac devices they have their mac user account too. This is nothing but a simple account which helps in a different way of managing different things. Now many have been asking how they can change their profile picture in the Mac user account. The system to change is very easy and many are in use of it but to most, this is still unaware especially to those who are using Apple devices for the first time.

The process which we will be sharing here is very simple but make sure you apply them as per the instruction or else the system won’t work out. The steps are very less and with a proper implementation, you can handle it easily. Now different sources will instruct you out in different ways but here we shall show you the best of the steps. Make sure you follow this as other steps turn out to be fake. So now let’s get into the discussion to find out the best of the sources.

Steps to Change Profile Picture of a MAC User Account

Here we shall show out the steps which will help you change profile picture of a mac user account. The guide is very easy and simple and anyone with basic computer knowledge will help you out with that. So let’s get into the steps.

  • To initiate with first open the system preference option from the menu bar of the Apple now you have to select the option of user and group which will be situated on the panelist.
  • The next step will be choosing the option of a user account from the left section which will help you to change the user account.
  • Now you can open the account with your password and you will notice a pre-installed photo given on the profile.
  • Now you are ready to change the profile picture of the system.
  • Now to change it you have click on the profile picture option which will list out few of the options.
  • Now the option will include- default- here you will only get the apple pre-installed pictures, recent- here the system will show you all the recently used photos, iCloud- here you will only get access to the cloud uploaded photos, face- here the system will identify the picture by iPhoto or by the aperture, camera-  This will open the apple camera to take instant pictures.
  • Now from the following option search your desired photo where you have kept and click on the done option to upload to your system.
  • Now finally you can shut off the option of system preference.
  • There is an option too where you can custom image your image on the system.
  • To do that you have to open the option of user and preference option.
  • Now you have to drag and drop your desired photo on the thumbnail option.
  • Now you can customize and adjust the photo as per your requirement to get the best and once you are done with that click on the DONE option which will set the image.

So these were some of the steps which will help you to change profile picture of a mac user account easily. The steps are very easy and work smoothly. There are millions who are in extensive use of the system and have got a satisfactory result. But there are many who are not aware of how to do that. So to do that you can follow the steps which are mentioned here to get the best of the result.