Pick The Best Browsers for Mac OS X Ecosystem

For many, it may sound odd to debate on which browser is best for a certain device. Some of us does not really bother about browsing app or tool as they don’t take that much seriously. Afterall, a browser lets you access the internet, HTML ran websites, and that’s all. If you are a geek or curious user, a browsing tool should be very important to you. As long as best browsers for Mac OS X is concerned, we have quite a list.

Regardless of the OS ecosystem, if any, we have a plenty of options today. Thanks to the rapidly-developing technology. From Smartphone to highly equipped computers, every device comes with enough choices of tools and browsing app is one of them.

Windows and Mac plays a slightly different role here as they come with a default browser. However, our concern today is not the default browser. We are talking about the other third-party browser available out there.

To stick to the topic, we shall not keep you wait any longer before exposing the best browsers for your Mac OS X ran devices.

5 Best Browsers for Mac OS X

If you are looking for a browser that will boost your net surfing speed, provide a convenient user interface; and most importantly suits the best of your requirements, this list of the best browsers for Mac will surely astonish you.

1: Safari for Mac

No surprise that we had to recommend Safari for your Mac computer.  Most of the Apple computing device users prefer using Safari as the default browser. Of course, Apple itself is behind the creation of Safari browser and is significantly designed to blend with Mac OS X ecosystem. Safari for Windows also made available lately and not everyone would suggest using this web browser for Windows devices. But, no other browsing tool would replace the position of Safari on Mac.

For Macbook users, Safari is the only ultimate choice. Its superfast page rendering, powerful matchless stability, and all those decently designed huge range of extensions available make the Safari features even better.

The Reader View feature of Safari on Mac is something worth mentioning that allows users to hide all those cluttered add-ons or banners from web pages. This way, web viewers get a clean web content where the can focus on. Using the Reading List and Bookmarking features, users may save a certain web page for viewing offline.

2: Firefox for Mac

To place another browser for Mac on the second position, we were quite confused between Firefox and Chrome. However, we have placed Firebox on top of the Chrome for just a single factor and that is Battery Convenience. On the other hand, Firefox comes with some decent browsing features. It offers fast Page Rendering feature accompanied by add-on extension gallery which does not manage to brag about though. Another crucial factor about Firefox is its inbuilt download manager which eliminates any needs of an additional tool.

3: Google Chrome for Mac

To recite the factor mentioned ab0ve, Google Chrome comes with one drawback on Macbook and that is Battery Drainage issue. This is certainly one of the worse pitfalls for any browsing tool; otherwise, Chrome seemed to be providing a bittersweet user experience. If you ask to compare Google Chrome and Safari on battery draining issue, while Safari drains out battery life about 10%, Chrome will be eating up about 30% of battery on the same task. To put up another big issue with chrome, it also triggers system temperature real high while Safari keeps everything stable. Rest of the features a browsing tool must is all there in Chrome for Mac.

4: Opera for Mac

Opera came into existence lately and already providing pretty fast user experience with quick-switching Tabs and more features to brag about. As per expectations, Opera browser will be giving tough a competition to other existing browsers in Mac OS X ecosystem. Till date, the browsing tool didn’t bring much of new pieces of stuff but whatever it does in the job, it does all well. Superfast page loading, decent user interface, enough range of supported extensions, etc. are the things we could look for in Opera.

5: Maxthon for Mac

Maxthon is quite different and unique the in the category. To be precise, it’s a cloud browsing service. This browser lets you access to its service from various devices as such Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, etc. The browsing service allows its users to sign up for a user account using which one may access to the Maxthon cloud browsing from any device they wish. As long as Maxthon for Mac is concerned, its drag-and-drop feature and gesture support feature may take anyone’s attention. Like all the other cloud-based tool comes with, everything you do in Maxthon will be synced in real time to other devices when the user account is active on those devices.


We keep this list short as currently, we don’t have much of browser tool options that would satisfyingly work on Mac. Hope this shortlist completely covered all the information you need to know about best browsers for iMac. Personally, we suggest you choose only one and that is Safari as long as OS X ecosystem is concerned. The rest of the recommendation in the list are liable to opt for as per one’s requirement. So, that all of it. Nevertheless, if you have your own recommendation regarding the reliable browser for Mac, feel free to share with us.