15+ Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

We normally use a wallet to keep cash, credit and debit cards. But today with the introduction of many smartphones of the different brand there is a huge requirement of mobile cases.  Normal mobile cases don’t come with spaces where you can keep your cards but wallet cases are two in one feature. You can keep your phone and your cards safe with a wallet case. Today I will talk about the best iPhone 6 wallet cases those material are durable and which can protect your brand new iPhone 6 from an accident.

Wallet cases are of two types, one is made up of rubber and other is of leather. Both come in different style and variants. You have to choose which fits your iPhone 6 best. The price of wallet depends upon its material and as per the point of view leather wallet cases for iPhone 6  is best as it will last longer as compared to polycarbonate wallet cases.

15+ Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

Here you will get different quality and designed iPhone 6 wallet cases of different price. Here I have tried my level best to show you the best and durable cases which are in economical range.

1: Speck Candy shell

It is durable as it is made up of leather. It has three slots to keep your cards and cash. It comes with shock resistance lining and its exterior is made up of durable material which will protect your screen from any type of accidental damage. It is available at affordable price and also in different color variants as blue, black, purple and much more.

2: Urban Armor Gear Folio

Within this wallet case so you can keep three cards and some cash. The exterior of this case is grippe which never slips from your hand.  It is made up of rubber and its design are great. Using this iPhone 6 wallet case you will have the full protection of your mobile screen. The inner material that has been used to built this cases never left a scratch your mobile screen.

3: Dock Artisan

Maximum iPhone 6 user picks this wallet case as it made up of foam leather. The inner and outer part of this wallet ID made up of the same material that increases its style and looks. The two side of this case is connected to a magnet which will help you close and open the wallet. You can keep here more than 3 cards and cash and available in different variants of color as black and white and much more.

4: CM4 Q Card case

It is another wallet case for iPhone 6 that keep your mobile screen and edges from any type of damage. The outlook for this case is attractive for which maximum people are using this. It is available on leading online store in different colors which you can choose as per your choice. Here in this case also you can keep three cards. The main thing about this case is that it is made up of durable leather that will last for a long time.

5: Case-mate wallet

It is built up of premium leather and it comes with 5 different slots for your credit or ATM cards and two for other purposes. It’s exterior is made up of leather and its interior is built up of polycarbonate rubber that will save your iPhone from breakage or scratch. It is widely popular and available in all leading online shopping site indifferent variants of color and also for different types of iPhone handset.

6: Otter box commuter

It is made up of rubber which delivers durability. The rubber used to built this wallet comes wrapped with polycarbonate. It has three hidden storage where you can keep all types of cards you possess. The inner surface of this wallet is made of soft an smooth material that will never let a scratch on your device. It also includes a stick that will provide extra protection to your screen.

7: Dreem Fibonacci

It is built up of premium leather and its stitches are durable. You iPhone on this wallet will make it more attractive and stylish. Its clasp will help you open and close this wallet. It is also adjustable and it needs when you want to watch a video in landscape mode.It is also two variants of color and available on online shopping site.

8: Distilunion Wally

This wallet is looking slim and you can keep minimum 4 debit and credit along with your mobile. Smooth leather is used to built this wallet case and it comes with pull tab using which you open all your cards quickly. Leather quality is premium and fits well with your iPhone 6. If you don’t want to normal mobile cases then you can buy this wallet case from Amazon.

9: Nouske

It comes with magnetic closure and made of pure leather which increases its durability and color.  It will keep your iPhone away from any type of damage.Its kickstand will help you to view video easily keeping mobile in the case. It comes in two different color and popular for its decent and simple look.

10: Vaja Wallet Case

The design of this wallet is awesome as it comes with printed design. It is popular but it is expensive as compared to other iPhone6 wallet cases. It also comes with magnet closure for which you can open and close quickly and easily. This case is made up of polycarbonate rubber wrapped in premium leather that increases its durability compared to other cases.

11: Hex Icon

It is another attractive and simple iPhone 6 case that you can handle comfortably. Its closure is of elastic which help you to handle easily this case. It is built with quality leather and its color is also very attractive. It looks very simple and for its endurance. If you chose this case for your iPhone 6 then it will keep your iPhone safe.

12: Classic Folio by Belkin

It is another stylish iPhone 6 wallet case which is popular for its space and quality. In this case, you can keep three to four cards along with some cash. So if you are using this case you need not to carry a wallet. It also designed with magnetic closure which makes its handling more easy and quick. It is hard that increase its durability and made of quality leather.

13: Wallet by Case-mate

It is a very beautiful wallet case for iPhone. The material used to build this case is polycarbonate rubber which gives extra protection to your handset. the back of this case is shiny. It has space to keep your card, cash and also your identity cards. It is a normally a back cover but still offers the advantage of a wallet case.

14: Dodocase wallet

Dodocase wallet cases are very popular for its design and durability. It is also a back vo cover but comes with benefits of a wallet case.  The body is built with durable plastic which keeps your iPhone 6 safe from any type of damage and scratch.It will fit perfectly with iPhone 6. It is only available in black color it has no other variants.


It might be in the last of this collection of best wallet cases for iPhone 6 but still, it delivers our needs. It offers durability, space for cards, and style which is the main thing everybody looking in a wallet case. Its design is simple which will catch the attraction of your easily. It is available in different colors like blue, black and brown.

To keep your handset safe you need to keep it in a case. There are different types of case for iPhone available in the market. Some are back cover, flip cover and wallet case over. People are using wallet cases as in it they can keep their kinds of stuff like three cards, cash, and IDS.  Online markets are flourishing with different wallet cases of different brands for your iPhone 6 but the names or brands that I have listed above are best iPhone 6 wallet cases.